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Scissors for Sparrow - recorded.

  • cd cover image The Ringtone Society
    (Melbourne International Arts Festival; 2006)
    Ringtones: slow key, miniature action, crib, paw/claw and castro. Find them via the Australian Ringtones gallery.

  • cd cover image Mess + Noise CD 4
    (Mess + Noise/Feral Media; 2006)
    Track: Castro (mini version!). Compilation featuring 18 tracks of mostly unreleased/exclusive music from artists such as Tunng, Barrage, and Faux Pas. ii also appear on the disc. 1000 copies only; free with issue 9 of the magazine.

  • cd cover image Emergent / Cyclic Defrost #13/14
    (Cyclic Defrost/Sound Quality/Noise; 2006)
    Track: Youth with a (tele)vision. Compilation of out-pop/experimental/everything, included with the bumper double-issue of Cyclic Defrost (also featuring Scissors for Sparrow interview here); co-curated by Sound Quality on ABC Radio National, and Noise 2006. Other artists include Aleks and the Ramps and Moving Ninja.

  • Ringtones: Candyspace.tv
    There are five Scissors for Sparrow ringtones available via Candyspace.tv. Visit their website for more details; you can find the ringtones under 'Audio', then 'Sound Works'. Nerds take note - they also have a WAP site.

  • cd cover image
    Underlapper: Remixes
    (Feral Media; 2005)
    Limited edition remix EP by Sydney collective Underlapper, featuring Scissors for Sparrow remix of 'Child Bearing Flies'. Listen here.

  • cd cover image
    Plastic Cotton Tree
    (Feral Media; October 2005)
    Limited edition of 100, with wax-sealed envelope, hand-printed cloth bag and badge (pirate, mushroom, or leaf). 14 rare/unreleased/exclusive tracks, including Scissors for Sparrow’s tune Top of the Hill, Bottom of the Valley - Uhh!.
    Disc, bag & badges designed by Sopp.

  • cd cover image
    (Self-released; August 2005)
    Six tracks, 20 minutes. A special, short-run tour souvenir EP from Sydney tour ’05. Now available as a download only, from the iTunes Music Store. See the Cyclic Defrost interview for a preview.

  • feral media fm15 cd image
    (Southern Winter) Northern Summer
    (Feral Media; 2005)
    Scissors for Sparrow track 'Bed Day!' included on this beaut label sampler, featuring artwork by Sopp Collective. A limited edition release.

  • Dizzy Donor (9 musics old + new)
    (Self-released; 2005)
    Made especially for Sydney radio DJs (April '05).. packed in a colourfully-printed envelope!

  • Nice Dice (a bit of a retrospective)
    (Self-released; 2004)
    A coat-full of new-fangled flourishes strewn amongst the fundamentals.
    Listen:    modulation (1:52)     funny crap song (1:48)

  • Hula Hoop EP (by 'Yoke')
    (Self-released; 2000)
    A short addendum to 'Sofa', with a decidedly folkier focus.

  • Sofa (by 'Yoke')
    (Self-released; 1999)
    An enduring, 25-track experi-pop accident/incident. Curious.
    Listen:    swell (3:10)     dead flowers grow (4:36)