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Dizzydonor presents...

Party Shuffle

Thursday 29 September, 2005. 10pm-4am. Pony. $5.

5 restlessly-rotating girls and boys with mountains of music. Aiming for awesome absurdity, Party Shuffle is a DJ experiment. Warped bubblegum pop, girly gems, crooners/shakers, futuristic duh-brain dancehall, wimpy indie — eclecticism is our friend, and shall become yours too. Dance, or don’t. Make a request, or just shuffle...

What Party Shuffle ultimately presents is a set of stylistically disparate kids and their music collections, working in harmony to provide a night of uniquely diverse tunes. While aesthetically unpredictable, what’s guaranteed is good fun and a broad selection of exciting musical rarities and oddities. In addition to playing their own sets, each Party Shuffle DJ will play in quick tune-for-tune battles, or may opt to pair up with other DJs. Things may be low key or high drama, according to how you feel — think of it as a chameleonic all-nighter.

Bringing together people who are ravenous music fans in their chosen styles, Party Shuffle could be anything — but it’s sure to be ear-catchingly different.

waves: rewind retard, s4s, vinyl richie, lazy susan, and dj smack poppy.

pixels: ben mastwyk

Hosted by Melbourne Fringe Festival 2005 and Pony. Pony is located at 68 Little Collins St, Melbourne. Pre-sale tickets available from the Melbourne Fringe Box Office.