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Sticks + Tones

Artist Biographies

Jarrod Zlatic
Jarrod Zlatic is a jack of all trades, a multi-instrumentalist who has immersed himself in many different musical styles, acting as both member and side-person to multiple musical projects; the only common thread being an earnest approach and independent ethic towards his work. Jarrod’s main concerns can be witnessed and heard in Oh! Belgium and Fabulous Diamonds.
Rohan Rebeiro
Rohan plays in My Disco! and occasionally performs in other improvised configurations. He’s 24, and doesn’t really know what else you need. You can write whatever you like.
Keith Mason
A member of a variety of diverse Hobart-based acts that have included Vodka Party and The SheRats, Keith Mason has developed a reputation as a versatile instrumentalist and performer. As a solo artist he blends his distinctive folk-rock guitar style with electronics to create unique and dynamic live works.
Evelyn Morris
Evelyn started playing live improvised music at the Rainbow Hotel when they used to have MBAS blues jams there. Every Tuesday. She was 16 at the time, and they didn’t know... so there's no need to tell them now, OK? At the moment she plays in True Radical Miracle and Baseball, who are both beyond comparison to anything she's ever done before. She recently took up piano accordion.
Jacob Pearce
Jacob’s live drumming career began at the age of 16 as one of the founding members of Melbourne post-rock trio Because of Ghosts. Now at 19, he is a veteran of 60 Ghosts’ shows; has conquered Sydney, Adelaide & Tokyo; and worked with Princess 1.5 & (the sensational) Alex Jarvis. His weapons of choice are "Regent Tip Jazz" Sticks.
Marcus Skinner
Marcus Skinner (aka Winterville) spirals headlong into openly haunting, diffuse melodic themes, layering baritone guitar drones and feedback with bold avant motifs.
Raquel Solier
An obese gymnast, standing toeless and unsteady on his own two feet, rehearses his rhythm, barely keeping up with itself. His fingers, like pork sausages, oscillate from sweaty palms, until the skin breaks, leaking blood. The splatters branch out like laudable influences of Y-Pants, the Silver Apples and Eddie Gale, and the gymnast, still hypnotized, remains visually epileptic, removed from any staple technique, training or sense of time signature.
Jon Tjhia
"Jon...?" I asked.
"Yes?" she said.
"ii, Scissors for Sparrow, Fibonacci and Majorca Building?" I asked.
She scratched her elbow.
"Uh... yes."
Greg Wadley
Greg Wadley began his music career with Brisbane post-punkers The Pits in 1979. His music projects include the Hi God People (various instruments), New Waver (vocals), and the Spill label/studio. He has sat in with other bands including the Dum-Dums, Solids, Thou Gideon, Tedium, Clag, Ninetynine, the Cannanes and Flywheel.
Alex Nosek
or something
Gabe Lewis
Gabe Lewis has turned from occasional voilin/guitar/piano support for A-mo (and the various pseudonyms that befall them) to the beginnings of solo life as Three Month Sunset — a rich textured, gentle sonic soak.
Clinton Green
Clinton Green has been exploring the textures of sound and noise generated by electric guitars for over a decade. His aim has been to create abstract sound pieces with guitar as the primary source. He performs under the moniker of Undecisive God, and has also performed with Kettle, Scott Sinclair, The Unnameable & W.I.T..
Nadia Combe
Nadia plays the guitar. It’s a little bit Paris Texas. On a good day she would think herself as sitting somewhere between Doris Day and Blixa Bargeld.
Monika Fikerle
The latest addition to the lineup (only one day prior!), Monika possesses a distinctive dexterity (and brute energy) which is the stuff of legend. Once the inimitable thud propelling the amazing Sea Scouts, and with a stint in Ninetynine too, she is now hardly home due to relentless touring with Love of Diagrams and Baseball.