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ii recordings.

  • cd cover image Landlakes
    (Feral Media; February 2008)
    [1. we ate everyone; 2. _____ services; 3. moementks; 4. oho; 5. good times, bad luck; 6. tropes; 7. memory lust; 8. conversing with loverboy; 9. reset; 10. clamshell]

  • cd cover image The Ringtone Society
    (Melbourne International Arts Festival; 2006)
    Ringtone: _n.

  • cd cover image Mess + Noise CD 4
    (Mess + Noise/Feral Media; 2006)
    Track: oho. Compilation featuring 18 tracks of mostly unreleased/exclusive music from artists such as Tunng, Because of Ghosts, and Alpen. Scissors for Sparrow also appear on the disc. 1000 copies only; free with issue 9 of the magazine.

  • Ringtones: Candyspace.tv
    There are three ii ringtones available via Candyspace.tv. Visit their website for more details; you can find the ringtones under 'Audio', then 'Sound Works'. They also have a WAP site, for all you handset happy geeks.

  • dvd cover image Electundra 2006 DVD
    (Electundra/Loop / Look Projects; 2006)
    Video: Water Torture. DVD contains music videos from 14 artists featured in 2006's Electundra festival. Available in limited supply from Metropolis. You can also view ii's clip on YouTube.

  • cd cover image Electundra 2006
    (Electundra/Loop / Look Projects; 2006)
    Track: Clouds... No Rain. Double-CD release coinciding with the 2006 festival, featuring artists such as Barrage, Strange Noise Sound System and Qua.

  • cd cover image Bones Broken, Eyes to the Sky : 7–inch split with Castings
    (Steadycam Records; 2005)
    Track: beofre. Background Frequencies series. Released August 28, 2005. Limited to 100 editions. Now in second pressing.

  • cd cover image It’s over, we don’t care
    (Spanish Magic, 2005)
    Track: There were lakes. Compilation featuring 12 Australian artists, including Pimmon, Castings, Hi God People, Keith Mason, The Garbage & The Flowers, North Atlantic, and others. Limited to 500 editions.

  • cd cover image Short : EP
    (Self-published; April 2005)
    Released to coincide with ii's Sydney tour (for the Whatever launch). Produced in paper envelope packaging, and also packaged electronically for environmentally-sound distribution; currently available for trade.
    [1. dirt eyes; 2. no vacancy; 3. the shiny river shenandoah; 4. lights away; 5. air france; 6. there were lakes]

  • cd cover image The Whatever Sessions 2
    (SBS/Feral Media, November 2004)
    Track: Little Paper Body. Double-disc compilation (and web project) featuring dozens of Australian artists, including Barrage, Sparrow Hill, The Emergency, and Ill Bravados.

  • Out of the Bedroom
    (Liquid Architecture 5 Sound Art Festival; 2004)
    Track: Gentle hum of well-mannered conversation, the.
    CD Compilation distributed during the LA5 National Sound Art Festival, mid-2004.

  • cd cover image Every Person In Every Picture
    (Self-published; 2003)
    [1. homes in crisis; 2. the secret people; 3. underpass/overpass; 4. birds bare branches (edit); 5. population: you; 6. sek vector; 7. danny delre; 8. exit echoes.]