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about ii.

ii improvise (and sometimes plan) their way to the point where abstract sound, noise, fluttering ambience and whisps of instrumental pop collide.

ii is the preserve of Alex Nosek and Jon Tjhia, collaborators of over seven years, three bands and many spilt drinks. Having established themselves with their experimental guitar tactics and largely improvised, dismantled pop, ii's current methodology adds modular synth processing, rudimentary electronics, computer manipulation and field recording to create full, tactile sound worlds.

Landlakes — the duo's debut album — perfectly captures the breadth of ii's range, as improvisers and meticulous arrangers of sound. The album is out now in Australia through Feral Media (distributed by Fuse Music Group), and has been launched with shows in Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales - see here if you need proof!


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Visit ii's MySpace profile to hear songs from Landlakes and other releases. Or order online at the Feral Media online store.

Label: Feral Media
Distribution: Fuse Music Group

ii are looking for a friendly label to bring Landlakes beyond Australian shores.
In the meantime, interested ears can order the album online.